Images of Business Networking sessions


They say a picture paints a thousand words, well hopefully you will agree our gallery does just that! We have fun meetings where everyone is encouraged to enjoy themselves. 


Images from our 3rd Birthday event in September 2011!


3rd Birthday Casino StyleGlass of Bubbly anyone?The best way to celebrateChampagne and Chocolate Cake!Cheers - as we begin our 4th yearPaul Yates-Smith Networking In BrightonTime for some playRelax and enjoyValuable tuition Jo Yates-Smith of Sussex Business BureauTime to do some networking card swapsNetworking Deans StyleA welcome glass of bubbly in BrightonAs least she got my good side!Sasha, Graham and DebbiePaul Yates-Smith with Clare EvansOooooh Matron!All Smiles Am unexpecting prize winnerPeter Deeprose and Karen MooreJo enjoying the fun Gar-young Tang of the G Casino welcoming usFestivities over, time to playa Glass of Bubbly the only way to go!Its all fun n games


Images from our previous events.

Anne PetherPaul Yates-SmithPicture 3Tony Bingham 


Clive Bonny, Stuart Passingam & Dick BollardMax Robinson Part of our 2nd Birthday AudienceRonik PattniMichelle MaccarDavid JonesJulia Miles QEDA Smiling Networker

Happy 1st BirthdayApril 2010 MeetingNovember 2009 our 2nd MeetingEarly days at the Deans Business Club Nov 2009