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Date: 22nd August 2011
Sender: Elizabeth Anne Norris
Comments: Elizabeth Anne Norris, Designer / Maker / Teacher / Enamels / Jewellery / Cufflinks

About: Deans Business Club

I discovered Deans Business club recently, being drawn by a timely presentation (John Keenan, business editor of the Argus), so went along to the August meeting.

Paul arranged a fun networking meeting with a great format. First the guest speaker gave an informative talk, then each attendee had the opportunity for a one minute pitch, and to vary the content Paul regularly interjected to give his superb sales tips (I found these very useful.)

Paul, who also runs the Sussex Business Bureau, made me feel very welcome as a new member of the club and put me at ease straight away.

I found the meeting relaxed and helpful. I can see why Deans Business Club is growing in popularity. I look forward to the next meeting.

Elizabeth Anne Norris
Sole Trader, Brighton

0777 339 4413

22nd October birthday meeting - Congrats on a brilliant meeting today (I daresay Paul isn’t in the office now!).  You must be so pleased that you managed to hit another record and had a standing room only meeting, despite starting the morning by not having a venue. From Clare Evans - Personal & Business Coach

tel: 01273 588297 - mobile: 07887 954512 - Skype ID: Clare Evans - www.clareevans.co.uk


Dick Bollard FRAUD ADVISOR Ltd.

I recently hired a room at Sussex Business Bureau for a business meeting with three very important clients who had travelled from London by car.  One reason I hired it was because its location is easy for visitors to find and parking is free and adjacent to the premises.  My CLients ans I were made to feel very welcome on arrival. The meeting lasted 3 hours and from the moment they arrived to the time they left we were given complete privacy Your wonderful ladies offered to make more tea and coffee for us all and you even supplied bottled water and biscuits! The room was comfortably furnished with more than enough space for each of us to spread out our papers on the conference table.  I noticed that there are plenty of technical facilities available, such as a large screen monitor, should they be required.  I work from home in Peacehaven and the availability of a competitively priced, modern and comfortable private meeting room is essential to the success of my business.


Many thanks for making this facility available; I will certainly be using it at every opportunity in the future, and will recommend it to other business people in and around Peacehaven, and would even say that it beats Brighton because of the parking facilities.




Dick Bollard



01273 589098




Tony Bingham, Dane Europe Tecnologies
I have known Paul and Jo for over two years now and I must say it never ceases to amaze me how Paul ably assisted by Jo keeps his never ending enthusiasm and dynamic approach in everything he does for the Deans Business club and their business Sussex Business Bureau, most often without recompense.
During the credit crunch as it was gently referred to until it materialized into the worst recession this country has had since 1929, Paul has steadfastly nurtured both the Sussex Business bureau and the Deans Business club to offer vital services to small medium and fledgling businesses, the bureau has given sole traders and others the opportunity to have an office environment with meeting rooms, training facilities, call handling, printing, and so much more that would otherwise be out of the reach of budding entrepreneurs in these austere times.
This has been further complimented, actually I think that is an understatement, Paul has introduced a vital networking and business forum to the Brighton area, where companies and organizations of all sizes can meet to assist each other in finding new markets for their products and services, again with regular presentations, training and guidance.
The impact Paul has made in this part of East Sussex with his unique talent, entrepreneurial geniality, and enthusiasm that has enhanced the local business community in so many areas, deserves in my opinion our sincere thanks and continued support for even more success that he richly deserves.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in whole heartedly endorsing Paul in recognition of his steadfast dedication to the local business community.

Tony Bingham



01273 587600


Matthew Ball, Printing.com Saltdean
I've been going along to the Deans Business Club since January 2010, and it's amazing to see so many local business people enjoying a relaxed formal meeting. Its informative of local business events and brings together many other networking groups. The website is easy to use and a good source of information. If I could sum it up its warm, friendly and important for my business - the amazing thing is, this is all provided by Paul voluntarily, and his hard work needs recognising.
t: 0845 0787653
f: 01273 307026
m: 07910 467339

Claire Duc, Centre Manager, Newhaven Enterprise Centre.
Paul has put an amazing effort into setting up and running Deans Business Club and taking it on from 1 height to another.  He has been truly inspiring in the amount of time and effort he has put into setting up a vibrant, successful business club whilst studying, setting up Sussex Business Bureau and getting married!  Whether it be getting excellent rates for group members at local business shows or improving the website, nothing stands still for long with the group which is a great part of the success of the group as a whole.
Tel: (01273) 615250
Fax: (01273) 615251

Jan Warrington - Jeweller

Nicky Chisholm, Mums in Business

The success of the Deans Club is down to the hard work, focus and drive of Paul and his belief in the importance of networking, both in developing business revenue and personal support.  Not forgetting “Behind every good man is a very good woman”   and Jo runs a tight ship behind the scenes.
Paul is a natural networker and combined with his genuine concern about the people and business that come along to the meetings makes The Deans  a great network to be a member of. Not to mention that he loves a good natter and a pint! Good Luck 

Keith Briffett, The Deans Magazine

Paul and the team at Sussex Business Bureau are very much focused on the success of all business in their area, not just their own. They are always willing to help and have helped many local businesses get themselves known around here and grow as a result. 


Paul and Jo Yates-Smith of the Sussex Business Bureau in Peavehaven provide first class Networking opportunities for businesses in and around Brighton. The Deans Club they founded has become well known for its friendly and informative meetings. This is a must attend Networking group!

Steve Wood  - Proprietor

Wood & Associates LLP 

Chartered Certified Accountants


Tel     01273 724537



Dick Bollard - The Fraud Advisor
I first met Paul in early 2009 at the Deans Business Club which was then based in Saltdean, shortly after starting my own small business.  I had been in the Police for 30 years and therefore running a business and working from home was alien to me.  I needed all the support I could get and the Deans Club, unlike many which start far too early in the morning for me, suited my needs, was very welcoming and encouraged me to talk to the right people without feeling pressurised to do so. 

Unlike many other meetings that I have found to be slightly too ‘locally-focused’ for my particular business, Deans has a very successful website organised by Paul in such a clever way that it gets first page status on many Google searches and because my business gets mentioned on his website I get the advantage of more hits on my own website – a major marketing plus for me.  In addition to this he circulates details about the Club and Members’ events so far afield that a talk I recently gave came to the attention of a business in Surrey resulting in a very important partnership  developing.
 Throughout the year that I have attended the meetings I have seen really positive changes for the benefit of the members, such as the improved venue at Brighton Marina Yacht Club. Paul has shown incredible energy and enthusiasm for this project and never shows signs of slowing down in that respect, despite charging the members nothing to attend. He clearly understands the problems faced by small businesses and has the ability to resolve them in a truly innovative and exciting way.   I wish him every success and hope to remain part of this Club for a long time to come.


Malcolm Harvey Membership Secretary, Brighton & Hove Branch, Federation of Small Businesses

Despite tough times in his professional business sector and a new family to support, Paul has devoted an exceptional effort in encouraging the business community to get together and do business together in these challenging times. His drive is encouraging local businesses to support each other and with his strap line of ‘Put the Fun back in business’ and his cheerful approach sets the tone to move the Brighton Business community forward.



I highly recommend Paul as an asset to the business community in the greater Brighton and Hove area. Over the past year that I have known him he constantly surprises me with yet another well-considered, solidly constructed, entrepreneurial event; from half-day seminars to group speed networking, from office support facilities to bi-monthly networking group leadership. His cheerfulness and hard work is an inspiration to all of us. 

Penelope Parker


Hi Paul,

Thanks for organising the meeting today. It was interesting to see the people who are now coming to the Deans Business Club and how some close relationships are being formed.

Kind Regards
Sachin Mithia Adams & Remers Solicitors. Rottingdean


Peacehaven Directory & The Deans Magazine

Hi Paul,


The Deans Business Club is a great concept, so I certainly intend to become a regular. Next time I’ll see if I can drag Tim along too.



Thank you for a great meeting today, it was only my second ever networking event (first one was yesterday). It was fantastic to meet so many different business people from so many different sectors.

I look forward to coming to future meetings.

Many thanks

Rooth Smethurst


Donna Ellett - Winner of the DD iPod Competition

... Just wanted to say a big thank you for the ipod its amazing and it was lovely to meet you all...

Donna is now the proud owner of the Deans Directory iPod Nano.


Sussex Business Bureau by DB Service Solutions

We would like to express our thanks to Sussex Business Bureau for the professional work carried out for us. We went on holiday and the bureau undertook our call handling for a week. Not only was the feedback from our customers fantastic, it enabled us to take a well earned break without the worry of taking calls whilst we were away. I can without doubt recommend this service to any business, it was affordable, easily arranged and we will certainly use them time and time again.


MCR Print by Lin Bridgeford

Thanks Max for your quick turnaround and the artwork in producing a lovely Yoga flier for me – and delivering it! I will be contacting you soon to prepare some Juice Plus cards to match the big colourful juicy poster you made;-)


Sussex Business Bureau by Lin Bridgeford

Thanks Paul and Jo for your prompt and efficient service in producing my patient record sheets and the lovely bound reproduction of my Grannies art album. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to get things right for me;-) I will be back for more!

Sussex Business Bureau Speed Networking at BHBS by Lin Bridgeford




What a great fun way to connect with loads of people in a short space of time and swop business info. Be prepared to get energised by the buzz!

Sussex Business Bureau by Nick Harvey




The Sussex Business Bureau provide me with great services and first class office & meeting facilities right on my doorstep. Working from a home office can be very distracting and the 'hot desking' concept works really well for me. I have also taken advantage of their range of in house services within the bureau's financial advice, as well as using their on the spot printing services.
Nick Harvey, Director - Harvey Marketing Company.


Sussex Business Bureau by Jim Savage-Brookes

A big thank you to Jo & her team at Sussex Business Bureau for the wonderful job done on my business cards and letterheads. A professional, prompt & cost effective service, highly recommended.
Jim Savage-Brookes
Painter & Decorator 07766 050616


Sussex Business Bureau by D-Stress & Go  

We have urgently needed a few print jobs completed recently.
Fantastic Service, Value for Money and the Quality of Work 100%.
We can't thank you enough for all your help. Highly Recommended!!!


Deans Business Club by Guy Walsh at Care Co-Ops 

Thanks for the invitation to the business club last Friday. I got at least one positive lead and a couple of other people who are planning to send me referrals, so this was a very constructive use of my time!
Many thanks and best wishes,
Guy - Work and Learning Advisor
Care Co-ops


Aleoptis - Sophie Mahir by Anne Pether

Sophie has excellerated the process of getting my Business off the ground giving me structure and time limits, Just what I need to keep the momentum going. I'm still in the process of coaching and find it invaluable.


Sussex Business Bureau by Anne Pether

Fabulous, immediate service from Paul & Jo. Printing and arranging posters for me & renting out a stand. Very helpful and knowledgable.


Excel Design by Anne Pether

Richard worked very quickly & efficiently to get my lovely advert up & running on the Deans website. Please look at the super turquoise advert!

D-Stress & Go by Bindi Shah of Anamaya 

I had an Aura-Soma treatment from Amanda of D-Stress & Go and the insights were amazing. She worked with the colour bottles and numerology and made me realise that I am using my gifts and talents as I should be. Very inspirational! I would recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful, calming and magical reading!


MCR Print by Bindi Shah of Anamaya 

Thank you to Max of MCR Print for the beautiful new business cards and company banner which I used for a networking show. They were well-received!


Anamaya Meditation, by D-Stress & Go 

I am currently attending an Anamaya Meditation Course run by Bindi Shah. The course is very well organised and relaxed. After each session I feel focused and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Anamaya Meditation Courses!


1st Class Garages, by D-Stress & Go

Very friendly, very efficient and more than reasonable cost wise. Other garages have were unable to meet our expectations for both personal and work ethic reasons. We will continue to use their services and can highly recommend them to all Deans members.


D-Stress and Go, by Ann Bickmore

Seriously good hot stones & aromatherapy full body massage. Very relaxing


Peacehaven Directory, by Ann Bickmore

Anne Briffett of Peacehaven Directory offered editorial after the last Friday meeting. By Saturday lunchtime she had delivered copy. We look forward to seeing their first of many successful editions.


Excel Design, by Paul Yates-Smith, Founder of Deans Business Club

Richard Excell of Excell Design has done a fantastic job on the club logo and the Website design. I would just like to say a big thank you and to let you all know that without his support the Club wouldn't have an identity